2014_Aug02 080 - Copy

If you build it, they will come

There was a swamp behind our last home.  I feared it and wished it away.  A sprawling murky mystery, full of darkness and mosquitoes, creating an impassable barrier between us and the hundreds of acres of conservation land beyond. But by the time we left that home eight years later, that swamp was one of […]

2014_July07 019 - Copy

Beneath it all

We’re rather excited (and more than a bit relieved) that THIS has happened: The creation of a cement icosikaitetragon, this 46.5′ diameter 24-sided landing pad for a wooden yurt. Soon it will barely be visible, disappearing bit by bit as the wooden yurt sprouts out of it over the course of our building workshops that […]

2014_June04 041 - Copy

The excavator artist

For two years our clearing was this… Now it is THIS… Pictures can’t convey it really, how these rocks that were once jumbled heaps on our “rock farm” have been transformed like a 3,000 piece puzzle coming together.  To see the flow of the lines of these rock walls.  To hear the water trickle out of […]