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Creative progress

Five years ago today I was overdue, awaiting a spring chick.  Walk-waddling down the cul de sac road in a sweatshirt, smelling the awakening earth, wondering when our new little one would join us. The night of March 17th I tucked Caden off to sleep as usual.  By midnight Aria had arrived.  Caden and his Mimi somehow […]

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The yurt-bound winter

Two months of bitter cold layered with snowstorm upon snowstorm… The fabric yurt wall shrank in on us more than ever. Outside wasn’t much relief from the winter claustrophobia, trying to squeeze down single-body-width paths, often semi-sideways with a 35 lb bucket of compost or water in each hand. Finally, the first sign of spring […]

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“A Man Apart: Bill Coperthwaite’s Radical Experiment in Living”

These days we buy very few things that fall outside of the food and basic survival categories. One of those very few things arrived this week, wrapped in raw sheep wool from the authors’ farm in Vermont: A Man Apart: Bill Coperthwaite’s Radical Experiment in Living, the just released book by Peter Forbes and Helen Whybrow […]

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Little yurt, big yurt

Life after the flurry of late summer and early fall is returning to normal, or to what I realize I’ve come to feel is normal… The wooden yurt is there, but feeling less like future home and more like giant art installation backdrop. You should have seen it last night with the moonlight shining off […]