Yurt elves

I’ve almost written a post a few times this week, but it looks like the elf season has officially taken over all spare moments! The yurt has been a flurry of Christmas stocking making, glitten knitting, slipper sewing, candle rolling, and of course wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. Fun and quite humorous really when trying to keep surprises hidden from each other (we’re like squirrels with all our stores tucked away in nooks and crannies) and finding stolen moments to do the work away from receivers’ eyes.

It’s the kind of oh-so-important elving that leads to my 2-year-old asking “Did Daddy knit these?” as she holds up a pair of SmartWool socks. And insisting on knowing WHO knit them if it wasn’t Daddy.

It’s the kind of elving that has my 6-year-old eagerly holding down the peddle on the sewing machine, taking over my hand stitching, and making a sit spot where he can look at his finished stocking.

It’s the kind of elving that makes me think of my mother and the many, many times she has said “the best gifts are the homemade ones.”

Elving time is almost over for this year, so I’m off!  Happy holidays!

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