Backbreaking work

We’ve simplified our lives to the point that we have no complex systems to maintain.  Or so we thought.  It turns out there is one complex system that is integral to this simple living:  Josh.

Josh was chainsawing one day last week, getting ready for when a winch will be available to haul more harvested logs up to the mill site.  His session was quickly cut short when he leaned the wrong way and something slipped in his back.

He was forced to put an immediate stop to chainsawing, milling, water hauling, wood hauling.  He was forced to do something he does very little of:  sit.  House building preparation came to a standstill while time was taken to heal.  And yet productivity elsewhere picked up, because even while sitting, the man does not sit still.

First he finished my birthday mittens.  Love, love, love.

2013_Feb06 014

And then stayed on course with his word of the year (wood, of course), carving spoons:

2013_Feb05 004

Carving a canoe and paddle, perfect for a LEGO man or raisins to ride in depending on the operator…

2013_Feb04 022

2013_Feb04 030

2013_Feb04 041

2013_Feb04 037

And his back?  Well on the way to recovery, thanks to the doctor locals call the “magician” or “miracle worker.”  This doctor that is not affiliated with any hospital, but instead sees patients in the deep woods off of a dirt road.  This doctor who lightly touches you, moving energy around and realigning you.  He has already healed the wrist that doctors previously told Josh would need surgery…  He healed my back over a year ago in just two visits, after I had been told I would need to see a chiropractor every two weeks for the rest of my life…

Josh still needs to rest a bit more to let the voodoo magic settle in before getting back to heavy wood work, but  it looks like that complex system will be back up and running soon.  Phew.

In the meantime, he’s getting to work with our trees in a completely different way, a way he’s always dreamed of:  tapping them for maple syrup.

2013_Feb06 038

2013_Feb06 041

9 thoughts on “Backbreaking work

  1. I hope Josh id feeling better! It is nice to see him doing all the other beautiful things with wood. I love your writing.
    Who is the healer? Is it Michael Aker?

  2. Those carvings are like little wooden heirlooms from your yurt adventure! One day your children will show them to their children and oh, the stories they will tell! I hope your husband gets all the way better! Thanks for sharing all of this, I love when I find a new Circle In post 🙂

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