Back on track

Josh’s back is quite recovered and he has been happy to be back in his element, tree wrestling….

2013_March02 080

But there is only so much tree wrestling one can do alone, so a friend brought over his winch, attached to his friend’s tractor, to help us haul those selectively cut trees closer to the mill site.  This tractor that was born the same year as my father, 63 years ago…

2013_March02 098

It was quite a fascinating sight!

2013_March02 097

2013_March02 092

2013_March02 107

2013_March02 108

This also gives you an idea of what our “yard” looks like at the moment…  Not much in common with the high-maintenance outdoor space we previously occupied.

May11 114

Caden 384

Caden 438

(Pausing for a moment to delight in that sweet baby Caden…)

There might not be manicured lawn here for kicking around a soccer ball, but do you know what there IS?

A throne… fit for a (dramatic) woodland princess…

2013_March02 214

2013_March02 201

2013_March02 028

A gymnast’s balance beam…

2013_March02 025

Buried treasure to dig for (without any “don’t dig a hole in the lawn!!!”)…

2013_March02 226

Gnome holes to explore…

2013_March02 056

2013_March02 067

Pirate ships to row…

2013_March02 074

Mossy fairy houses to discover and embellish…

2013_March02 172

A rocket ship to fly…

2013_March02 191

An icicle garden to harvest from…

2013_March02 161

2013_March02 162

2013_March02 140

It is a magical “yard” for these children.  Me, I like to stand in the middle of our clearing on a jumble of rocks and imagine the edible landscape that will someday be where this latest pile of logs now rests.

2013_March02 253

Someday, someday, this clearing will hold a home built from these same logs, a “sharn” (Josh’s vision for a shed/barn), a greenhouse, meandering trails through fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable patches, herb spirals….  In the meantime, we’ll keep taking the children’s cue, seeing the magic and inspiration that is already here, with a whole lot of tree hugging along the way to give thanks…

2013_March02 117

Now if only we could also find some inspiration on how to magically keep all of this muddy yard OUT of the yurt!

4 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. You’re kids look so happy 🙂 I love how you enjoy the present moment with an eye to the future. It seems to come naturally for you! That is my resolution for the week, you’ve inspired me!

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