Mill, pump, repeat

Sometimes it feels as if we’re on a daily repeat cycle of milling and pumping water, with not much difference from day to day. But then I realize how things are slowly and subtly shifting around these activities…

December 2012
2012_Dec 194

May 2013
2013_May01 075

The original pile of logs is gone, milled into the stacks of boards.  And another set waits in a new line for their turn…

2013_May01 078

While Josh moved all of the original logs solo, these days there is an apprentice eagerly waiting for those moments when he can help wield the peavey…

2013_May03 004

Pumping water is still something to get excited about and to try to race to get your bucket on first…no matter the weather…

October 2012
2012_Oct 336

January 20132013_Jan2 059

May 2013
2013_May02 043

Now a certain little girl is big enough to very proudly and happily take part in the actual pumping as well, getting the water started coming out and filling up entire buckets to overflowing.

2013_May01 008

2013_May01 015

2013_May02 047

Did you know it takes a 3-year-old 3 minutes to fill a 3 gallon bucket?

Slowly, slowly, things are changing and taking new shape.

2 thoughts on “Mill, pump, repeat

    • The Bison Pumps do not freeze because they have a method of discharging any leftover water back below frost level, so there is nothing to freeze at the pump level. It worked really great right through winter.

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