Where the rainbow ends

We were tucking in for bed when Josh called to come outside, quickly. Usually this means some kind of interesting animal appearance.  This time it was an unusually clear rainbow peeking up over the trees into the clearing.  The camera (or rather my camera skills) can’t begin to do it justice.  It quickly spread to connect from one side of the clearing to the other, and doubled.

2013_June03 002

2013_June03 010

2013_June03 013

And look where it ended…

2013_June03 016

Can’t you just picture a leprechaun living in a yurt?  Alas, we didn’t find a cache of gold.  But lately you’d think the children had with the way they’ve been gathering together their own little secretive hoard where that rainbow ended.

2013_June03 023

Josh started building a kindling box and suddenly our little leprechauns could not resist the idea of filling it up.  They sneak in where Josh is working (this time on making sawhorses) to spirit away any cedar scraps they can find to add to the treasure box, intent on filling it.

2013_June03 032

2013_June03 030

2013_June03 035

2013_June03 036

2013_June03 022

Who knew there could be such fun in wood scraps and a box…

Chilly weather is hard to imagine as we cross the summer solstice with one beautiful warm day after another, but I know a full dry kindling box will be worth its weight in gold next winter!  Thank you little leprechauns.

7 thoughts on “Where the rainbow ends

  1. Sounds alchemical to me! Even the kids are invovled in the achelmcial aspects of life. Kindling can be as important as coal to the process. It’s wonderful the way you let life come to you all!

  2. I am so giddy to have found you!! Seriously. I have been hunting for a blog such as yours to inspire and encourage our “crazy” family dream for YEARS!! We are just in the process of taking the leap from dream to reality. Our family of 6 will be moving off grid to share 140 acres with my sister and her fam (of 10!) Living in the round while build our home has been in the works for the past 6 years. It’s so close I can taste it! I look forward to connecting with you and your family as you journey through yurt living and building your home! Thanks so much for sharing. Love the rainbows!

    • Now THAT is impressive and I’d love to hear how it all goes! All of those children and all of that land – the possibilities are endless! Congratulations to your families for making that leap.

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