Summertime yurt living

The 4th of July holiday week was freaky hot here with one humid 90°F day after another.  Turns out the inside of a yurt can be just as boiling in July as it is chilly in January.  There were several spontaneous trips to lakes and ocean breeze beaches for temporary rescue.  And thankfully yurt living has its own degree of flexibility to get through those extreme weather snaps!

Caden and our dog Cleo found that our “open air” yurt basement is a perfect hideaway for the high heat of day…

2013_July03 030

Once we devised a way to put up the bug screen so we could open the dome, a good amount of trapped heat escaped skyward.

2013_July03 002

Josh also worked up a window flap system to keep the windows and airflow open during the random rain showers that would pass through.  These also helped add some shady coolness inside.  Although from outside it looks like the yurt might start flapping and flying away at any moment…

2013_July03 032

Still, the thought of heating water and washing dishes inside was not terribly appealing…  When you have no plumbing, turns out there isn’t any reason not to just bring the sink OUTside in the evening!

2013_July03 003

In theory this would mean much quicker cleanup, less water slopping everywhere in and out.  Less cleanup unless a spontaneous sawdust tea shop and mud cake bakery open nearby…

2013_July03 019

2013_July03 015

No matter when the solar shower is steps away!  The hot days were of course perfect for a well-heated solar shower bag by end of day.

2013_July02 030 2013_July02 0312013_July02 066

Oh, how I love these three walls, complete with assigned washcloth bars whittled by Caden and Josh, and Caden’s soap dish rock find.

2013_July02 070

At first this space was just fulfilling the need to have a way to easily bathe.  But oh what an experience to shower in the sunlight, clouds floating over, breezes blowing, birds serenading, mosquitoes biting…  It also turns out that those three walls are the perfect little tuck away space when momma has a conference call and the yurt “office” doesn’t work…  provided the shower is dry of course…

We’ve also been enjoy the outdoor shower with that good ol’ galvanized tub, filling it in the evening and letting it steep in the moonlight, negotiating over who will get that first lunar bath water.  The night after the full moon was particularly coveted by the wee ones.  Even more so I was looking forward to this week’s new moon steeping, when patterns start anew…  Yes!

2013_June04 015

2013_June04 023 2013_June04 029

Nine months into yurt-living we’re still discovering the many dimensions of life in a hut – like this fun and flexible summer side where outside becomes a very real extension of living space.  With even more outdoor spaces in the works!

2013_June05 079 2013_June05 119 2013_July01 005

It looks like a gnome would happily climb right in, but perhaps move right back out once he sees it getting set up as a humanure compost outhouse.  Our first wooden tapered yurt…

2013_July01 001


3 thoughts on “Summertime yurt living

  1. The first yurt looks great guys, perhaps a small yurt bird house would help accentuate the property some!?! This looks real good…

  2. I love the outdoor bathing room! You’re right, there is nothing quite like bathing in the beauty of nature!

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