New shoots and taproots

It is well and truly exciting to see our imagined schemes for this life here in Maine slowly come to actuality right before our eyes. To live in the clearing in the woods where once we only imagined a clearing might work. To see stacks of lumber grow until we are two-thirds of the way done with milling the wood for our future abode.

2013_July05 013

Still, so much of what we have schemed up is still to come. The last of the logs to be moved out of the way and a rock plan to implement before we can start planting our garden roots in here.  The house base to figure out, the heating setup to settle on, the windows to track down…  So much done, so much to do.

2013_July05 009

[Side note: the wooden tapered yurt will sit a bit to the left of center at the top of this picture, just in front of the tree line]

Sometimes a little grounding is in order.  Something to remind one that dreams and schemes can and do ultimately become all that one imagines…and more.  For me, it turns out grounding can be found just a bottom-numbing 5.5 hour drive away as we trace back down to our own roots…


Arriving at Josh’s father and step-mother’s, surrounded by deeply rooted buildings and trees and plantings.

2013_July04 076

Where Josh’s old toys can be pulled from the attic to make their way down a leafy stone garden road.

2013_July04 080

Where we can slip into the raspberry patch in search of ruby treasures while honeybees thrum around us, intent on their work.

Where we can pluck plump sugar snap peas from the garden fence.

Where we can reach up to pull cherries off the tree and see who makes the puckeriest face.

Where we can marvel at the dozens of fuzzy orbs on the peach tree, seeing the potential in their hard greenness, just waiting for the right amount of sun to transform them into magically delicious ripeness.

Where we can wander to the back field with a make-shift bucket on a string to pick blueberries, seemingly watched over by the golden-eye-wing of a nearby butterfly.

2013_July04 067

2013_July04 061

2013_July04 068

Until the horseflies drive us back down the shady path lined with periwinkle, listening to the bullfrogs serenade from the pond.

Many someones have taken this very special place from dream to reality over many, many years, and continue to do so.  It is affirming.  What can be imagined does happen, will happen.


And then to drive on to find a different grounding as we arrive at my parents’ home, parking where I once stood having long cawing sessions with the crows.

2013_July04 091

Walking up the path and almost feeling like I can catch a glimpse of the scrap wood forts I built over there while my father built this house.

Preparing food in the same kitchen that I first trial and errored recipes from my mother’s McCall’s cookbook collection.

Feeling like there is somehow still something special about getting to sleep in what was once my older sister’s room.

Catching a glimpse of my 36-year-old self in the mirror where my 16-year-old self diligently put on her mascara.

Passing through the dappled shade of the massive oak tree that was once a skinny, scrawny sapling right alongside me.

2013_July04 096

Looking down that hemlock-lined drive, out again to the world of possibilities.

2013_July04 088


It is a long ride but well worth it, and somehow still feel connected as we make our way hundreds of miles away, like it’s all part of that great underground mycelium network.

The children spend the ride with the few toys they’ve chosen to bring on the adventure (Aria with two dolls, Caden with two trucks), listening to the children’s CDs we’ve taken out of the library (Walkin Jim Stolz’s “Web of Life” was a big hit this trip), scenery gazing, a whole lot of questions on how the world works, story-telling, a bit of whining, and a whole lot of time for bountiful boredom, that meditative state where anything one might imagine can be conjured… like these intriguing beeswax creations that appeared when we arrived back yurtside…

2013_July 066

A weekend to remind us of deep roots and dreams that come to fruition as we continue to set these new roots and dreams in here.  What will be dreamed up next, one can only imagine!  Anything is possible…

3 thoughts on “New shoots and taproots

  1. Hi Mel, You are an inspiring writer. Your inner joy glows and speak through your words. I look forward to seeing Circle In in my emails.
    God Bless you and your family.

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