Milestone days along the yurt year

We’ve come almost full circle through a year in this yurt, long enough for 3 of the 4 of us to find ourselves a year older.  The most recent celebrant had some specific wishes for his 7 year milestone…

presents to unwrap

the birthday banner hung


baked oatmeal

friends over



a cheeseburger, sweet potatoes, green beans

2013_July10 017

2013_July10 025

2013_July10 040

2013_July10 037

2013_July10 057

2013_July10 062

This was also the day we learned that Cyndi Lauper look-a-likes make really good baked oatmeal helpers.

2013_July10 002

2013_July10 054

And we learned that even more bodies could fit in the yurt than previously imagined.  Because this boy wanted a party, at the yurt please, with 3 friends. Wait, 4 friends. Oh wait, 5, no 6 friends.  As rain clouds gathered, my brain tried to keep up with the developing word problem…

If you have a 24′ circle that is about 450 square feet, and half of the circle is filled with furniture, and you add 30 bodies into the remaining space, how much space will each body have…

Uh, not a lot.  Yet somehow, it didn’t equate to the claustrophobia I anticipated when doing the math.  It was more like the “everyone gathers in the kitchen” feeling.  All tucked in together…

2013_July10 119

 2013_July10 146

2013_July10 118

And miraculously there were even sweet quiet moments…

2013_July10 147

2013_July10 155

But able to breathe out again as needed…

Out to a tree fort where the 5-9 year-olds set up kid-sized tables and chairs and their own buffet, to climb to daring unrailed heights, to stage mutinies and barricades…

2013_July08 029

Out on treasure hunts…

2013_July10 078

2013_July10 083

2013_July10 085

Even out to our now finished “second bathroom”… Woo hoo!  One pint-sized guest reported it was his favorite spot, so warm and cozy…  While our indoor version works great for those who live here, it is quite awkward to have guests do the equivalent of going to a corner of your living room and pulling a curtain to use the loo…  Nice to offer a wee bit of privacy for the privy now.  

2013_July10 177

2013_July10 181

And out to fill water balloon after water balloon at the hand pump until every last one was popped…

2013_July10 136

2013_July10 135

This day was also a lesson in cupcake-making.  Our go-to Caden bithday cake for the past couple of years has been his favorite decadent blueberry-lemon in cupcake form.  While I was optimistic that our water-bucket-hauling arms were up for the task, it turns out that our now scrap metal KitchenAid stand mixer was a key piece of that recipe success.  We even attempted the “you hold the bowl so I can mix faster” approach.  Alas, if he had a winter birthday, these cupcakes would have been good hockey puck stand-ins…  There was at least fun in the making!

2013_July08 009

2013_July08 021

2013_July08 058

Thankfully the Raw Strawberry “Cheese”cake version we’ve been making to cover the various gluten-free, dairy-free guest gamut was just as predictably tasty as ever.  I’m thinking of sticking with this one in the future…  After all, who really wants to turn on the oven in July!

2013_July10 111 2013_July10 114

And to end the day, of course, the cheeseburger…

2013_July10 158

What fun it was to be wish granters.  A happy day…


And now today, August 5th, marks a different milestone along this year.  Today is the day that this 7-year-old boy’s parents have been married for 13 years.

Today was also the first day that the charred metal walls and roofing were moved from our former storage unit site, and Josh was able to sift through the burn rubble from the June 1st fire.

And today was the day that someone digging near him found this…

2013_Aug01 281

Today, our anniversary, was the day that my jewelry box came back to me, my little silver treasure box, looking a bit like found pirate booty…  It was hard for him to tell at first if this was it, even after prying it open.  And then he saw my three sisters pin.

2013_Aug01 288

And then there was my engagement ring, the letter that Josh’s grandfather had written to me with the story of giving that ring to Josh’s grandmother, the earrings that Josh gave to me to wear on our wedding day…

Josh didn’t find anything else worth retrieving today in the charred piles.  But today, what a gift this box was for us.  Thank you to the wish granters, whoever/whatever they were this time!

8 thoughts on “Milestone days along the yurt year

  1. Oh, how wonderful that Josh was able to find those treasures… especially your engagement ring and the letter, and on your anniversary at that. ❤ Dug out my pin and may have to wear it tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Dear Mel & Josh

    Sometimes life’s things emerge out of the alchemic fire which are indeed gold! What a wonderful gift! Mel Though I did not get the chance to say wishes personally this morning, I say them now: Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to seeing you soon. By the way, did Caden receive his b/day card from us.



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