Dickinsons Reach sleepover

Ah, the bounty of August!  There has been so much happening here to share, inevitably leading to very little time to actually share… 🙂

Today I’m pausing for a moment in the wonderful whirlwind of it all to capture a recent trip to Bill Coperthwaite’s.  This  time we were headed down Dickinsons Reach Trail laden with heavier-than-usual packs and sleeping bags with plans to spend the night in his guest yurt.  It was a long 50 minute walk, given the way one of us, ahem, likes to pack for every possible scenario…  But we made it, still goofy for this adventure as we said our hellos to Bill and then continued on the path to drop our things at the guest yurt.

2013_Aug01 019

2013_Aug01 026

2013_Aug01 029

After a quick run around the guest yurt indoor track… we headed back up the path to Bill’s…

2013_Aug01 044

2013_Aug01 045

2013_Aug01 079

Excited to be there and start in on the purpose of this visit:  helping with a new yurt he is building.

2013_Aug01 256

Originally he was thinking we’d be there during a time to help put the roof on, but as we well know, weather and life do not always align to keep projects on schedule.

So Bill and Josh set about working on getting the lower walls and door ready.

2013_Aug01 017

2013_Aug01 082

2013_Aug01 224

2013_Aug01 275

2013_Aug01 279

Actually, all of us found ourselves busily working away on tasks.  As Bill noted, it’s amazing how much children want to be involved when they see adults engaged in a project.  Like gathering shavings to line the new path to the new yurt…

2013_Aug01 136

2013_Aug01 134

2013_Aug01 142

2013_Aug01 144

And while Momma spent some quality time with the shave horse…

2013_Aug01 090

2013_Aug01 102

2013_Aug01 091

They were working on things like the ever-important wood shaving decorating…

2013_Aug01 093

And nailing…

2013_Aug01 097

And later drying off the yurt deck (and/or doing a rain-rain-stay-away-dance)…

2013_Aug01 233

And helping bring wood out to the yurt site as Bill and Josh finished them in the workshop…

2013_Aug01 203

And helping carry babies from here to there…

2013_Aug01 129

Work?  Perhaps.  But with not a single power tool involved, stories and book-sharing and teaching along the way, it was also meditative, engaging, gratifying.

Saturday evening we went down to the summer kitchen yurt, surrounded by a blueberry feast ripe for the picking.

2013_Aug01 117

2013_Aug01 120

Caden squirreled a jar away to bring out later for a surprise dessert.

2013_Aug01 125

We started our dinner outside, but a quick summer rain had us tucking into the yurt here to finish sharing the meal and Bill’s stories.

2013_Aug01 153

And the dessert after dessert?  Another rainbow…

2013_Aug01 167

That night was our first night in a wooden tapered yurt.  It felt quite familiar really, to fall asleep encircled and under another window to the sky.

2013_Aug01 065

2013_Aug01 053

2013_Aug01 054

To wake in the morning to read the quotes pinned up throughout, play tiddlywinks, pick up the books tucked in every cranny, visit the guest outyurt, wash dishes in the stream that sang us to sleep the night before…

2013_Aug01 077

2013_Aug01 185

2013_Aug01 184

2013_Aug01 174

2013_Aug02 034

2013_Aug02 033

Before we left, Bill brought us in to go over our OWN tapered yurt plans and answer any questions we had at this stage.  It was so exhilarating to look at the plans, to see into the future…

2013_Aug01 240

2013_Aug01 243

Above all, we were thankful to spend the time with this ever spirited and insightful octogenarian.  We find ourselves wishing we had met him 10 years earlier, 20 years earlier…

2013_Aug01 116

Whose words of wisdom about our summer storage unit fire were to remark that if he ever happened to come up his trail to find the yurt had burned while he was gone, he’d relish the opportunity to rebuild it how he’d like NOW.

And upon hearing we’d been without a refrigerator for the past couple of weeks while waiting for the repair, his thoughts were “good, you don’t need it anyway….”

And who pointed us to the stream when we needed to reload our water bottles.  What a terrifying thing to do… I couldn’t help but recall the agonizing giardia some of the hikers had from drinking back country water in “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” by Cheryl Strayed.  But there was also the part of me that knew this man had been drinking this water for more than 40 years, and I couldn’t help thinking how lovely and natural it seemed to kneel down to drink from a stream.  And yet be really, really relieved when a week went by with no sign of being worse for it!  Phew…

Always a fresh and frank perspective.  Always stretching us to look at and interact with our world in new ways.  How we all look forward to the next time…

2013_Aug01 194

3 thoughts on “Dickinsons Reach sleepover

  1. Beautiful… i love that we were camping just a bit away from you that weekend – what an experience you had! Soren is funny about drinking from streams too, I have never thought twice about it. Glad you were fine 😉

    • Of COURSE you drink from streams. 🙂 And I bet you have a crazy strong immune system for it! I loved seeing your rainbow from that weekend too and imagined we were on opposite sides of the same one. Such wonderful times this summer, all around.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story..my family has been moving toward simpler slowly but surely and we have yurt dreamings…blessings to you and your beautiful children on your journey!

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