More on summertime yurt living

We’re often asked what our favorite season in the yurt is, now that we’ve had some time in each part of the year.  I would have initially guessed spring or fall.  But summer it is.  No fire stoking, no big crazy winds, being open to the outside noises and scents and spaces at all times.  I’m already missing it a bit as the nights start to cool down and I know the two straight months of windows and dome open day and night will be coming to an end.

2013_Aug04 255

I expected it to be too stifling in the summer.  There have been a few overly hot spells, but mostly it has felt like we’ve been on one long camping adventure.  Complete with an unexpected twist of not having a refrigerator for the whole month of August when ours went kaput and we waited for the warranty service and delivery of the replacement.  One cooler outside (under awning above) and one inside, also doubling as stage for the Midsummer Queen or a boat for her and her brother…  Despite their multi-purpose use this summer, I can’t say I’ll miss the coolers.

2013_Aug04 031

Summer… a time when everyone has been busy-busy with their self-assigned wood and water tasks to get us ready for the days and months (and years?) ahead…

2013_Aug04 072

2013_Aug04 078

A time when we’ve been able to use outdoor spaces to experiment with things like what it’s like to be a washer woman.  This in large part thanks to the fairy godmotheresque teacher in the Waldorf Morning Garden parent/child class that Aria and I go to on Friday mornings during the school year, Ms. Quatie, who lent us her wringer for the summer.  And also thanks to Josh’s mom’s laundry room decorations – an old washboard and assorted antique hand laundering implements.  And to the magic that is the Breathing Hand Washer – a plunger-looking device that is both fun to use and actually works.

2013_May06 034

2013_May06 010

2013_May06 026

2013_May06 021

2013_May06 043

2013_May06 014

2013_May06 058

Summer, also a time for sawdust gathering… And sawdust swimming…  I can’t say I blame the silly little ones as I am always purposefully barefoot when gathering the humanure system sawdust supply.  Sawdust with its splendorous silky feel…surely some spa will be offering it as a treatment at some point!

2013_Aug04 265

2013_July08 074

2013_Aug04 315

2013_Aug04 290

A time for making MORE sawdust, of course.  Including the cherry that will eventually be counters, shelving in the tapered yurt…

2013_Aug04 317

2013_Aug04 323

2013_Aug04 325

2013_Aug04 329

A time for hidden beaches down the road…

2013_Aug04 3682013_Aug04 3462013_Aug04 3602013_Aug04 3732013_Aug04 3822013_Aug04 391

A time for blackberry, raspberry, and mushroom hunting in and around the uncleared 16 acres…

2013_Aug05 015

I seem to have nothing to show in the raspberry department – they don’t stay around long enough for the camera! But it has been fun watching and waiting for the chanterelles to be ready.  And now they are!  Every precious one so, so delicious.

2013_Aug04 104

2013_Aug04 111

2013_Aug04 108

2013_Aug04 110

2013_Aug05 001

2013_Aug05 004

And finally that time for ripe peach eating, thanks to a basket full traveling to us from New Hampshire.  We’re scheming and dreaming about which Maine hardy varieties we’ll plant here next year.  At the moment the leaders are Reliance, July Elberta, and Stark White Giant.

2013_Aug04 2702013_Aug04 285

Summer… A time for feasting in the outdoor dining room on lobsters that came from somewhere not too far from where we swam earlier that day…

2013_Aug04 398

2013_Aug04 400

2013_Aug04 402

2013_Aug04 406

Soon we’ll be rolling in the awnings and zipping up the windows to those chill winds of fall.  But for now we’re still hanging on to every last moment, and bite, of this summer HERE!

5 thoughts on “More on summertime yurt living

  1. Hello 🙂 i have been reading your blog and my family and i are so inspired by you. We were wondering if you could give some of your knowlege as to what the requirements were for you to move on it full time. We will pay for land in cash and love your area but are worried about the cost of red tape lol. Ie septic and well before you can live on it full time. Any advice would be lovely. Thank you so much audrey and fam:)

    • Hello! Very, very good question… In our case, as long as we do not have running water there is no need or requirement for a septic. We also didn’t need to have the well on the property before we moved on. It differs from town to town though. It was clear what we needed (or rather didn’t need) by spending some time talking to people at the town office and with the town code enforcement officer. Very exciting that you’re planning out your family’s adventure – best of luck!

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