{this moment} – a wooden yurt materializing

{this moment} – inspired by SouleMama

A special captured moment to remember.

2013_Aug06 011

2013_Aug06 025

2013_Aug06 033

2013_Aug06 030

2013_Aug06 045

2013_Aug06 036

2013_Aug06 047

Canoe crew to pick up metal roofing across cove…

2013_Aug06 050 - Copy

Trail crew to drive around cove to meet back up on other side…

2013_Aug06 019

2013_Aug06 023

Trail crew slightly delayed by bounty of black raspberries along path…

2013_Aug06 056

2013_Aug06 057

2013_Aug06 059

2013_Aug06 063

2013_Aug06 065

8 thoughts on “{this moment} – a wooden yurt materializing

  1. There is just something so magical and amazing about this,,, I can’t even begin to imagine what memories and life lessons your children are gaining from this journey your family is taking. I thank you for sharing this with all of us who only dream of such adventures.

  2. It isn’t just her children that are learning. Her parents are absolutely amazed and proud that they are following their dream and sharing all of these wonderful moments. I so look forward to Fridays so that I can read the next “chapter”.

  3. Very impressive! Is this built from the wood Josh cut out for months on end. Grandma will be very impressed as well as grandpa who is recovering well. I am thoroughly amazed to see the stories and pictures of your dreams coming together…


  4. Oh.My.Word.

    I just. I mean. I just. Wow. I just can’t believe how stinkin cool this all is! This looks like an incredible adventure!!!

  5. This was all just a dream of adventure a couple of years ago… anything is possible if you just follow!

    This one isn’t our yurt (yet). 🙂 It is one Bill Coperthwaite is building and we’re just lending a hand.

  6. How happy it makes me to see people living the life I know I’m meant for. Bravo and congratulations! I just found your blog today from a yurt forum. Thank you for a glimpse into a purposeful life, realized. I had a magical childhood growing up with my younger sister and 2 brothers in the woods of North Carolina, and wish the same magic for my own son. I am in search of simplicity for my life and his on a daily basis and feel that yurt living in moderate seclusion is right for us. Reading your blog has even further solidified my hopes and dreams of making a truly magical and meaningful way of life for my family. Sending thanks to you and yours!

    • How lucky you were! And how glad I am to hear that you grew up that way and look back on it fondly, and not in a “what the heck were my parent’s thinking” way. 🙂 I do hope you find that magical and meaningful path, or that it finds you!

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