Unexpected “weeds” and words

It was one year ago today that we moved into this hut in the woods.  One 365 day cycle within the circle.

If the calender didn’t tell us this, the weeds would.  One year ago it was a clearing of mud and sticks and rocks…

2012_Oct 163

It hasn’t been altered much while we’ve been focused elsewhere, but an infusion of green has silently crept into that landscape.

2013_Oct01 100

2013_Oct01 101

It’s amazing to think of those seeds sleeping within that forest soil, some for several decades, waiting for their moment to take a turn in the sun.

Some of the growth is treacherous, barbed things that may or may not have been the same species as the thorny hedge that grew up around Sleeping Beauty’s castle while she slept for 100 years…  Only in this case they wield those thorns to protect the bush and tree sprouts that would grow up with them, all automatically working toward becoming forest once again.

I expected those pricker bushes.  I did not expect the wide range of other pioneering “weeds” that appeared over the past several months.  There were so many quietly showing up, many gone by now that I wish I had paid more attention to but didn’t because, well, they were “weeds.”  We didn’t plant them, so surely we wouldn’t be keeping them.  I’m starting to wonder why not…

2013_Sept07 035 2013_Sept07 036

2013_Sept07 033 2013_Sept07 040

2013_Sept07 046 2013_Sept07 045

Including bits of volunteer “lawn”…

2013_Sept07 041 2013_Sept07 037

Can’t you almost see the cows grazing on the grandparents of these seeds?  The barbed wire that runs the property line hints at this past.  This whole peninsula was pasture at one point in not too distant history.  A fascinating testament to how quickly nature takes back when given the chance.

Something else we hadn’t intended to plant recently started sprouting:

2013_Oct01 093

Maybe this looks like another of the many wood piles…but it’s a SHED!  The start of one anyway.  Thanks to some guidance and assistance on cornered building from my Dad during a recent visit, we are on our way to a bit of actual storage.  And our first square building here…

Shed growth has come to a halt while Josh is away for the week at Bill Coperthwaite’s Yurt Design Symposium with ten others interested in knowing how to build in the round.  In the meantime, we have a new dancing stage and balance beam course…  I’ll admit to several of my own happy dances on it at the thought of something like an actual closet.  🙂

2013_Oct03 007

A year of yurt living, a year of growth in some expected and so many unexpected ways.  We feel so solidly on our path.  But like any journey with children, you never know what might come up…

This afternoon while working on our sheet mulch layering, Aria told me:

Momma, I don’t want to live in a yurt anymore.  I don’t like yurts.  I want to live in a house like other people.

Hm.  She has spent one-third of her life as a yurt-dweller, with oh so many more years ahead of her.  Now at three years old she decides she doesn’t like yurts.  Oh dear.  

I spent some time rationalizing that surely this time here will be a good foundation, even for my red-shoe-loving-fashionista Queen Echinacea.

Then bedtime came and I realized I was way over-thinking her announcement.  That this had more to do with being three than with lifestyle preferences, for now anyway…

Me:  So tell my why you don’t want to live in a yurt anymore?

Aria:  Because I don’t like round houses.  

Caden:  So you want a square house?

Aria:  Yes.

Caden:  Maybe she can move into the shed.

Aria: Yes!!!  I’ll make a nest of hay to sleep in… and I’ll need a kitchen… and I’ll come in to use the bathroom… and Cleo can sleep there to keep me company…

Caden:  Okay, but you can’t bring my legos out there.

And then we looked up at the night sky out the dome (what Caden says looks like a giant speckled bouncy ball, only way cooler) and Aria’s star wish was for a pig…  Round or square, the girl is right where she belongs.

2013_Sept07 015

Here’s hoping we can convince her that yurt-dwelling is like getting to live in your very own castle tower, every single day… Because, well, the shed will be quite chilly this winter, even with the dog and that nest of hay!

2013_Oct01 107

4 thoughts on “Unexpected “weeds” and words

  1. Mel, Just Beautiful. It is amazing how children can make us question so many things. And the next day, week or month their thoughts turn us in a new direction of the process. Thank you for this story.


  2. I am so-o-o impressed!! I love your blog. I would love to see the yurt interior. I can’t imagine how that works. I’ve been inside a bedouin tent in the Saudi Arabian desert but that was rectangular.

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