We’ve been trail-blazing.

Two Sundays ago, we chose a spot off of the road and started our first trail.

2014_Jan01 031

2014_Jan01 050

Something we’ve dreamed and talked about, but not found time for yet.  With mill wood frozen and no other current MUST DO projects, suddenly we had a day to go forward on the trails.

2014_Jan01 032

2014_Jan01 039

We went in where the deer do, imagining they might know best.  And they seemed to.  They brought us by a favorite massive tree dubbed “Grandpa Pine”.

2014_Jan01 053

And by one of my favorite spots on the land: a circling of five giant stones, currently buried under snow.

And then by the stream, gurgling that day beneath its layers of snow and ice, but now melted a week later with a January thaw.

2014_Jan03 036

2014_Jan03 043

2014_Jan03 029

That first trail-making day, one of us got tired and cold and was ready to head back yurtside.  Leading to us laughing at the thought of this image walking back up the road.

2014_Jan01 047 - Copy

Caden and I continued on, working on this trail for friends to park on the road and use when our driveway gets to too-many-cars-to-get-back-out capacity.  For yurt-building-workshop participants to easily come and go through (even if with Bill Coperthwaite’s passing we were still not quite certain how those workshops would materialize).

A trail to eventually link to many imagined for these 17 acres.  Trails for walking, running, snowshoeing, skiing, fairy-house building.

2014_Jan01 049

2014_Jan03 046

When we stopped, the second half of our first trail still remained unclear.  But we were going forward!


At the end of the day, just as we were about to crawl into bed to read and story tell, we got a call and had a conversation we’d been anticipating.  A call from Mike, Mike who we met when helping to re-roof the Good Life Center yurt.

2012_SeptOct 017

Mike, who was at the top of the list Bill had written for us of yurt-knowing individuals.

Mike, who we talked to that night, and who said yes (!!!) he would lead our workshops.  And who dove right in with logistics and planning for our wooden tapered yurt.

A conversation I wasn’t so sure would be able to happen in our little fabric yurt, at bedtime, with two tired children who had been running around like banshees a very short time before.  But who seemed to understand this was big for all of us, and quietly climbed up to the table with us while we spoke with Mike.

2014_Jan02 059

We talked through what was needed at this point with Mike, took notes, made plans for things to look into, info to send along. We got off the phone and some of us did a happy dance.  When I picked up the table after, there was Grandpa Pine again…

2014_Jan02 062

Two new trails started in one day.  Josh’s word of 2014 seems to be off to a good start…  Forward!

4 thoughts on “Forward

  1. I’m so happy for you and your plans. My husband and I were very upset hearing that Bill had passed away. I was just getting ready to write my letter to him to arrange a visit to him and his wonderful yurt. I have learned not to wait and live each day because you may never get a tomorrow. Keep us all posted on your yurt plans. Very excited to see your dreams come true.

    • I am so sorry to hear that you didn’t get a chance to get there and meet him. I do believe it is going to carry on in some way, and hopefully getting out to experience the place will still be possible for all of us. And YES to seizing the day!

    • I can still so easily picture you sitting in that filtered tree light on a blanket, belly babyful with Shep. 🙂 And yet how long ago it seems that we were first working our way in here!

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