Milling… DONE!

Last week Josh finished the last of the almost 900 boards he has milled for building our wooden tapered yurt.

2014_March03 098

2014_March03 101

2014_March03 037

The mill first appeared here back in November of 2012, a means to make use of the spruce trees we cut down to make a clearing to live in.  At the time we thought the wood would be milled by last summer….

2012_Nov 055

But no, not even when Josh milled in any possible nook and cranny of time, through chilling and soaking and searing hot.

2013_Nov08 067

2013_Dec04 004

Instead, impossible weather, focusing on the #1 job (children), waiting for equipment help moving logs, not enough daylight, frost heaving under the mill, broken saw blades, etc., meant that milling ultimately stretched over 17 months.

2013_Dec10 046

Finally, we’re here, to stacks and stacks of wood drying, some in creative ways to have it be as ready as possible for building later this year.

2014_March03 122

Yes, while I can still hardly believe it, we are actually starting building in four months.  So many people are planning to be here, to take this wood and turn it into permanent magical roundness with us.

With the wood milling done and a deadline ahead, we find ourselves needing to get the next step figured out – planing all of these boards!  As Josh said, if we’d known at the start of this what it would entail to do the wood, we probably wouldn’t have done it.  And yet we are so glad he did.  Sometimes it’s best not to to know what you’re in for, isn’t it… 🙂

Did you notice what shrank as the stacks grew?

2014_March03 095

Josh.  Forty pounds less than he was before we started really looking at the way we were living, or rather, really looking at the way we were NOT really living.  When we started changing the course of our lives by ditching the constant intake of soda and eating out and video games and television to make room to take in vegetable gardens and wood processing and bucket hauling and adventurous life scheming.

Surely there’s weight loss book potential here.  “The Power of Wood Moving:  How to Lose More Weight Than Your Child Weighs and Still Drink Beer.”

2014_March03 120

Okay, maybe no weight loss book given the length of the “to do” list we already have going.

…like planing that wood and re-stacking it…

…getting the order in for the pine boards that we didn’t have here to mill…

…getting more metal roof estimates…

…finalizing plan for greywater branched drain mulch basins before site work starts and cement slab is poured, with a whole lot of great help from this book:

…researching stone root cellars to make use of the “rock harvest” that will grow as site work progresses, with help from two other books:

…finish moving the still frozen sawdust mountain from site work territory to treeline so we’ll have it for sawdust toilets…

2014_March03 080

2014_March03 124

2014_March03 132

…finding a way to move the mill itself from in the way of the site work to the home of the friends we share it with….

I could keep going, but perhaps best not to look at the list in its entirety.  That might mean feeling like it is too much to take on, whereas focusing in on getting each part done (the best we can) will hopefully ultimately get us there.  Yes, let’s go ahead with this attempt at mindful yurt building… versus we’re-out-of-our-minds yurt building!

And let’s focus on what IS done… the milling!

2 thoughts on “Milling… DONE!

  1. Congratulations on the milestone!. I know the feeling of wondering “what have I got myself into” (as I sit waiting for the snow to melt so that I can dig my timbers out). When I am overwhelmed I just break things into smaller tasks until I reach a point that I can handle the first on the list; but of course then the list gets reeeeeally long. Just be sure to enjoy the process – the house will gradually present itself! And…I thought I noticed a “lightening” of Josh quite a few blogs ago – perhaps you should market the “Circle In Beer Diet” – you move a few logs, saw 1000 bd feet of lumber and then drink a beer – guaranteed weight loss (and I’m sure it would sell)!

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