When tomorrow comes

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow an excavator arrives in this clearing.  Tomorrow is the start of one gigantic step forward on a journey that has so far felt like so many, many small steps.  We’ve been waiting for it, it was delayed, and now that it’s actually here we feel a bit frantic.  Are we ready?  Did we do and think of everything we could, everything we needed to before things literally start getting set in stone tomorrow?

We’ll find out soon enough…

The past several weeks have certainly been full of planning and prepping for it, along with parenting, planing, planting… Full, full days, sometimes overwhelming, but more often bubbling up an overflowing feeling of excitement about what we are in the midst of:  seeing what we’ve all imagined…

Melanie, Aria, Caden Apr2014

…starting to materialize (this one a melanie-caden-aria original).

We moved sawdust to the edge of the clearing until finally sawdust mountain was relocated for later use.  And then one day the mill was gone, leaving  behind its sawdust shadow and stacks of wood.

2014_May03 026

2014_Apr01 151

Off to live with the family we own it with who generously let us keep it here for a year and a half while we milled what we needed for the wooden yurt.

It has been replaced by a new machine to help with the last stretch of getting the trees from our clearing reincarnated into our home: a planer.

2014_May03 075

Wow does  a planer make a lot of shavings…  One might think after months of playing with sawdust and wood chips that our children would barely take notice of shavings.  Not so.

2014_May02 126

2014_May02 127

 We’ve also been moving wood chips, lining the garden (!) with them.  Finally something that stops the nightly slug trail out of the forest and into the garden buffet.  Tonight I found myself feverishly moving just a bit more of the cedar pile that lies right in the way of the excavator path, even as I realized how ridiculous it is to worry about this given that we still have two more gigantic piles that are not in the way, and towering piles of slabs that can be turned into even more wood chips.  Just don’t want to waste them. 🙂

2014_Apr01 019

We’ve spent a lot of time walking around where the yurt will go, trying to visualize this rendering Mike created:

Wehrwein Yurt

 by laying out an army of sticks to mark posts, wood slabs to stand in for a counter, stones for furniture, etc…  And walking around trying to gauge if it feels right.

2014_May03 040

2014_May01 143

Needless to say, it takes a whole lot of imagining.  One way or another we needed to stick that stake in the ground and say THIS is the center of the yurt and start triangulating measurements so pipes can be laid out accordingly in the next few days.

There has also been operation “Save the Moss (and lemon hearts and violets, etc.)” from the coming excavator treads, leading to a far less detail-needy new gnome home.

2014_May01 092

2014_May01 086

2014_May01 096

Perhaps the violet-saving was a bit silly, like tonight’s woodchip scurry, given that this clearing is completely covered with them.  I think it was the delight of seeing them appear all on their own, one after the other this spring that makes it hard to see them go, even as I’m so eager for the next incarnation of this hillside.

2014_May01 145


4 thoughts on “When tomorrow comes

  1. Exiting! Nice to see the planer is working well. Yes, I too like the little wildflowers that pop up where ever they can find a foothold. Our lawn has many.

  2. Hope the day with the excavator goes well – heavy equipment is always a little traumatic for anyone who has a love of the natural world! There is simply no way to build on the earth without disturbing it somewhat – it just needs to be done with respect. Moving the plants shows the respect that you have. The area damaged during a build is always bigger than expected – but don’t despair, mother nature takes care of everything and in a short time you won’t be able to tell that anything happened. I’m looking forward to photo’s of the progress.

    • Rob that is such a great way to describe how it felt. It was a bit traumatic. But it is reassuring to see Mother Nature already creeping her way back into the reordered landscape, and seeing all of the possibilities for working with her here. Hope your own projects continue to go well! It has been great to see glimpses of the process along the way.

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