Between the blizzards

Earlier this week the blizzard winds whipped snow between cracks of the yurt, snowing down on Caden as he watched the storm through the door window.

That was the same chilly storm that had me so layered that the children decided I’d make a good pillow, taking great fun bouncing themselves off of me.


2015_Jan02 079


2015_Jan02 059

2015_Jan02 077

2015_Jan02 076

Our winter is settled into a familiar pattern around those sleepless nights from windy storms in a thin-walled yurt…  Some form of sourdough rising, bone broth heating, layered into the year round cycles of dish washing, composting…

2015_Jan02 065

2015_Jan02 015

2015_Jan02 088

2015_Jan02 044

2015_Jan02 072

2015_Jan02 025

More fireside wood working… Did you know that lilac wood actually has veins of purple running through it?!  Amazing.

2015_Jan02 035

Embracing the darkness with shadow puppets, night sledding…

2015_Jan02 002

2015_Jan03 001

2015_Jan03 003

Usually that dark and cold make me want to hibernate.  This year I’ve discovered something well worth heading out into the night for after everyone else is tucked into bed.  To park by our friends’ sleeping home, head down a snowy path by moonlight, see sparks fly up into the night ahead as the sound of familiar laughter grows louder.  And then, against all odds by my usual winter standards, stand barefoot on the icy deck of this new little building with the merciless winter wind blowing until I open the door and step into the deep warmth of the sauna and friends.

2015_Jan02 090

2015_Jan02 089

It’s enough for me to not wish winter away, even as the next storm is starting.

2015_Jan02 091 - Copy

4 thoughts on “Between the blizzards

  1. I so love your writing . You pull me right in to your life. I go on a brief charming journey.

    Hello to all,


    In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. Mother Teresa

  2. Gfeat reading as usual Mel, and you’ve taught me something new. I would have never known that lilac wood has purple in it

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