The yurt-bound winter

Two months of bitter cold layered with snowstorm upon snowstorm… The fabric yurt wall shrank in on us more than ever.

Outside wasn’t much relief from the winter claustrophobia, trying to squeeze down single-body-width paths, often semi-sideways with a 35 lb bucket of compost or water in each hand.

2015_Feb08 013

2015_Feb08 012

2015_Feb06 018

2015_Feb06 033

2015_Feb06 037

Finally, the first sign of spring came…


Or maybe that was the first sign of denial.  Still, when the children no longer want their sleds, and bemoan yet another snowstorm because it hampers bicycling, surely warm winds can’t be far away.

Then the sun was strong enough to start melting the snow-ice layers of the roads, and we started Dukes-of-Hazarding over the emerging frost heaves. Surely a sign that the solid block of winter was starting to thaw.

And then there were rumblings that we’d be tapping the maple trees soon.  Yes!!  That’s good enough to officially declare that this most difficult third yurt winter is well enough done for. Despite the enormous amount of snow still surrounding us, I’m starting to believe and remember that somewhere under there…

2015_Feb06 013

2015_Feb05 067

Is this…

2014_May03 083

2014_Aug_Yurt04 197

2014_Aug02 052

2014_Aug01 077

Soon Caden will not be able to easily sit atop 6 ft garden posts.  Soon.  Just the thought will keep me warm as we dip back into negative wind chill tonight.  Soon.


Perhaps we needed this enforced slow down.  To finally take the breather after the sometimes overwhelming push to get the wooden yurt built last year.  To finally let it sink in that we did it.  To let it be okay to take a break from working on it, because the cold just wouldn’t allow it.

It’s feeling like just long enough of a break, because recently there’s been a stir of activity, a feel that it’s JUST warm enough to climb down the snowdrift into the big yurt, to shape and sand braces and posts, to plan out the bathroom space.

 2015_Feb05 052

2015_Feb09 025

2015_Feb09 047

2015_Feb09 045

 2015_Feb05 056

How exciting it is it to see forward movement, little as it.  It gives some hope that we will eventually be doing more than visiting that space.  More than dreaming about it.  Although the dreaming part is quite fun.  One day the children and I found ourselves on the second floor, visions of bedrooms there appearing on work benches.

2015_Feb08 011

Caden imagining a bed, a desk, shelves for his remote control thingamajigs, a lego castle, his books.

 2015_Feb08 004

Aria making sure there is a place for her “girls,” some flowers, and a bed to jump on.

2015_Feb08 010

And then she thoughtfully decided I needed a room too, complete with a giant bed that I could invite friends over to jump on, with her too of course…

2015_Feb08 007

Sounds great.  🙂


Until we are actually jumping on our beds in the big yurt, at least our current home is once again starting to feel a little less tight as the light lengthens and the sun brightens.  We’re looking forward to days when the fabric yurt windows and door can be opened wide to let the air in and mildew-creating moisture out.  When the dome condensation will no longer drip down onto the table and/or randomly onto our heads.  Even if Caden enthusiastically decided this was actually helpful, less need for plant watering if the drips land just right…

2015_Feb04 021

If March goes by and Mrs. Thaw forgets to come, I might take Aria up on her idea to melt the snow on the wood stove, one ball at a time, and feel the spring rain (aka more condensation) pouring down from the dome…

2015_March01 007

2015_Feb07 009


2 thoughts on “The yurt-bound winter

  1. Here’s hoping Mrs.Thaw doesn’t forget it’s March! We were hoping you escaped some of that snow and cold but apparently not. I love the visions of the future bedrooms – they’ll be there for real soon! xoxoxox alison

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