For the love of spring

Last weekend we picked up and planted my 30-year-old birthday peach tree…

2015_AprMay 260

2015_AprMay 262

2015_AprMay 268

2015_AprMay 272

2015_AprMay 282

2015_AprMay 294

2015_AprMay 337

If we’d planted one during that 30th year 8 years ago, whoever lives in our previous house would surely be thanking us! Another reminder that sometimes things work out for the best even if they happen on a timeline not in sync with expectations.

The roof is now truly one-third of the way there with the 2nd floor almost completed.  Goodness that first roof is going to be something else…

2015_AprMay 084

2015_AprMay 105

2015_AprMay 174

2015_AprMay 181

2015_AprMay 267

We’ve been working on additional garden swales…

2015_AprMay 035

2015_AprMay 132

2015_AprMay 092

2015_AprMay 103

We also picked up some free glass from a renovation, thanks to some thoughtful friends, with hopes for a someday greenhouse.

2015_AprMay 239

In the meantime, I’m thankful for friend Clara and her sudden desire to sprout so many beautiful seedlings.


2015_AprMay 305

2015_AprMay 311

2015_AprMay 320

The garden is well on it’s way, enough for my favorite spring sighting – child grazing.

2015_AprMay 301

2015_AprMay 328

2015_AprMay 335

2015_AprMay 142

2015_AprMay 331

And random acts of child planting before I’ve even had breakfast.

2015_May01 008

2015_May01 012

2015_May01 016

When not arguing over how many kale leaves each of them took, they’ve been immersed in their own (mostly outside now) projects.

  2015_AprMay 040

2015_AprMay 041

2015_AprMay 032

  2015_AprMay 115

2015_AprMay 117

2015_AprMay 121

2015_AprMay 251

2015_AprMay 152

2015_AprMay 164

2015_AprMay 178


2015_AprMay 283

2015_AprMay 290

2015_AprMay 184

2015_AprMay 186

2015_AprMay 190

2015_AprMay 227

2015_AprMay 229

(A pause to recognize my much anticipated Mother’s Day horse manure pile…)

2015_AprMay 232

2015_AprMay 241

Including a thrilling rescue of a hummingbird they found trapped in the top of the wooden yurt…

2015_AprMay 264

On early mornings or rainy weather we’ve also been pecking away at our rug.  Our optimistic rug that will go on a floor in the wooden yurt someday.  Which will be ready to use first?  I don’t rightly know…

2015_AprMay 145

2015_AprMay 148

2015_AprMay 233

2015_AprMay 303

Our winter cabin fever has abated enough to rationally see that no, we will not be in the wooden yurt by next winter. Projects are worked on steadily, but there is still much to do along with and after the roof.

2015_AprMay 245

2015_May01 002

The joy of spring outside time makes it seem plausible that yes, we can do another winter in the fabric yurt, and not need to think beyond that.  Just now, this little space seems just enough again.

2015_AprMay 052

2015_AprMay 058

2015_AprMay 237

Although I admit that I’m sure hoping to be living within that wooden yurt before our stick of a tree starts giving peaches!

3 thoughts on “For the love of spring

  1. Oh… Love it. I can see how beautiful those gardens will be this year, next year and in 10 years. We have the same board pile house built by kids here… Love how those little minds are so alike and so different. XO

  2. What an inspiring blog!! My husband and I live in northwestern Montana, but are seriously considering moving to Maine in a couple years to be near my family, and to be in a thriving community of people living intentionally and close to the land. This summer we will be likely tenting on some friends’ property so we can more aggressively save money. I would be so interested in emailing you and “picking your brain” on living without electricity, how you do laundry, etc. We have a 4 yr old and 1 yr old. I am sure they will love this experience, I confess I am a bit nervous! 🙂 My sister is Julia Klein, married to Joshua who does wood working. They have told us about what you are doing, and I am loving reading about your experience! Anyway, if you have any time to reply that would be awesome! If not, I understand. Blessings to you!

    • I adore your sister. 🙂 I’d be happy to discuss more ( at gmail). FYI – we do have electricity here. I work from home so it’s a bit of a necessity. 🙂

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