Three round roofs… done!

I was making pancakes this morning when Caden ran into the fabric yurt and whisper-yelled, “Dad just finished the roof!” And then demonstrated the hammer beat Josh used to pound in that last nail.

2015_Aug01 134

Soon Aria was awake, pancakes were eaten, and the three of them set off on a mackerel fishing expedition for the morning.

In the quiet that followed, I read the note Josh left on my desk:

30 1/4 square of shingles

=121 bundles of shingles

=16,698 shingles

=about 8,000 of them tapered

=16,000 chopsaw cuts

34,000 nails

=136,000 hammer swings

=hit thumb only 3 times


6 thoughts on “Three round roofs… done!

  1. Caden’s ole pals commented “Whoa!” & “That’s so cool!”We’ve been talking about him a bunch lately so your beautiful home picture gave me a chance to ~show~ them where he is living now.

  2. Awesome, beautiful, loving, and protecting all you cherish. Only three thumb hits? Great eye hand coordination and spacial intuition.

  3. Wow this is looking nice. I love Josh’s note on what it took to do the roof. Thats pretty good for 34,000 nails and only hit the thumb 3 times he should bet some odds here…

  4. Beautiful !! Rob and I are both smiling – it looks so stunning – bet it feels different inside now too !! xoxoxo

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