81 Trapezoidal Windows

Today I ordered 81 double-pane, insulated trapezoidal window units. For obvious reasons.

2015_Aug01 134

Obviously needed or not, this was not what we’d planned. The plan was to get estimates now so that we’d know what to work toward for ordering next spring.

But a funny thing happened, a highly unlikely chain of events that led to us being able to purchase said 81 windows at factory cost, $3,000 less than expected.  An unanticipated boon, but only possible if we ordered within 2 weeks, today the final deadline.

It’s interesting to think back two weeks ago, when this first plopped onto our plate of possibilities.  At first we balked at it, already expending so much in so many ways that we couldn’t see the path to figuring it all out within this window of time.  How to come up with the window money NOW.  How to mentally shift to finalize all of the details that were not on our October radar; sill sizes, window framing plans, final window measurements (because those window openings are all a touch bit different from each other).

But shift we did.

2015_Oct02 037


I think of some times over these past few years that we were blindsided by the opposite sort…

…The storage unit fire that swept away so many of our belongings.

…Turning mysteriously yellow, weak, needing to spend a year on a diverging healing detective path.

…Bill Coperthwaite passing months before he planned to help lead our wooden yurt from his drawing into reality.

…The snow and wind storm that hit the peninsula last autumn, toppling so many trees whose roots were not yet solidly frozen within the ground, including hundreds (thousands?) of our own, instantly wiping away trails made, campsites created.

But today, today we have what we need.  Today there is health and strength and vitality.  Today we are still connected to a community created by coming together to build this wooden yurt.  Today an NRCS forestry plan continues to be put into action to regenerate this forest.  And today there are 81 trapezoidal windows working their way into creation, putting us a leap closer to living within that round wild dream.

6 thoughts on “81 Trapezoidal Windows

  1. Not sure what has taken my spirit on this journey with you but from the first time I read your story I’ve been captured. I think of you in so many odd moments and with each thought comes a prayer for your little family and your grand adventure. I’ll continue to hold your journey in prayers, daily. Sending you good health vibes dear one.

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