Growing seasons

The wind was already nipping at my hand as I cut the butternuts from their more-green-than-I’d-like vines. I handed them to my father and we relocated them into the fabric yurt before the first hard frost descended that night.

In this one round space with no separate rooms and all nooks allotted for, every new entrant ends up quite exposed. There is no corner to tuck into. Which means the latest occupants were soon noticed and adorned with names, bonnets, hair, capes, swords…

2015_Oct03 005

2015_Oct03 009

2015_Oct03 010

I’ve never been very good at being strict with the “don’t play with your food” rule…

The table and hutch are also piled with tomatoes in varying shades of blush, their branches out in the garden now withered and black.  While the garden is so very done with any growing right now, those tomatoes keep coming into ripeness, each one beyond delicious in its transience.

The last pick of flowers holds on at the center of the table, helping make this garden ending not seem quite so abrupt.

2015_Oct03 023

But children, children keep growing, not stopping for winter.  One decided he was getting too big for his small bed.  He strung up his birthday hammock and declared it his new sleeping spot, inspired by his Yaya’s description of South American families using them.

  2015_Oct03 030

He was determined, each night trying a slightly different setup to try to make it work; lengthwise, sideways, with blankets, without, pillow, no pillow…

2015_Oct03 020

2015_Oct03 055

But it was difficult to adjust to that much different feeling of being suspended in the dark, not quite able to feel comfortable thinking he might roll over and fall out.  It was a valiant effort, and now he’s tucked back into his triangle bed and sleeping soundly again despite the minimal wiggle room.

How much growing has happened in this space, inside and out, these past 3 years.  In some ways we’re starting to feel a bit pot-bound, ready for the time we plant ourselves in our new beds on the other side of the garden.  Or maybe not new beds, as that boy insists THEN he’ll be ready to sleep in that hammock…

2 thoughts on “Growing seasons

  1. Love your blog. Having been there, I can picture it all.

    Be well, hello and hugs to all,


    In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. Mother Teresa

  2. Hi Cade……how is making friends with your hammock going? You sure look wonderful sitting and hanging above it all! Love, Grampa >

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