Weaving it together

A midwinter walk through the forest revealed a confused fat bullfrog, his defrosted winter abode inspiring a topside check for spring. We reached for lighter (or no) coats.  We ditched snow boots for rain boots that were quickly cast in coats of thick mud, squelching with every step.  No need for wool pants.  Friends reached for maple taps.

Midwinter… the time to imagine the coltsfoot working its way out of the earth, but not actually SEE it happening…

2016_Jan05 144

Where, oh where, was King Winter?

Then winter came out of hibernation with a blast of snow and cold, colds and fevers.  One expects seasonal contrast living in Maine, but not quite like this, such stark mid-season contrast, over and over…  The temperature rose, again.  One morning the children built snow paths and people, and the next they were pulling out bicycles, again, parking them in snowbank remnants.

2016_Feb03 019

 2016_Feb02 005

 2016_Feb03 008

2016_Feb03 038

2016_Feb03 052

The irony is that THIS winter we’d actually really hoped for, fully planned on, the usual deep cold.  This year, unsettled weather deeply impacts our plans to settle.

We’d woven together a plan around an NRCS (National Resources Conservation Services) forestry program.  These 17 acres marked at the end of last summer, ready for the crop tree release that would regenerate this forest AND generate a source of income for first level flooring, wiring, wood stove pad, chimney, etc.  Pre-winter, it seemed all was lining up for us to move into the wooden yurt this year.  Until winter didn’t actually arrive…  At least not nearly enough for a skidder to enter the forest with minimal impact, or a logging truck to avoid sinking into an unfrozen log landing.

The flip side is that temperature upswings have created unanticipated opportunities to do other work on the wooden yurt, work that had been lined up for springtime.

Sanding and putting in the full circle bench on the third level…

2016_Jan05 124

2016_Feb03 067

2016_Feb03 066

2016_Feb03 057

2016_Feb03 062

2016_Feb03 060

Sanding the second level, bringing in more windows…

2016_Feb03 055

Curves for braces on the first level…

2016_Jan05 127

Installing and shaping the upper stop for the front door…

2016_Jan05 126

2016_Jan05 132

2016_Feb03 054

Cleaning up construction remnants…

 2016_Jan05 138

2016_Jan05 139

2016_Jan05 154

Friends tell us to count them in for work parties that we’re not quite sure will happen.  A new plan is forming around a post-spring forestry plan implementation, but as we well know by now, not every plan weaves together as hoped…  This land is likely too wet for that, and the best hope is that next winter will be a bit more like winter!

Someday that yurt will be done enough to be home to us, and home to the very large Harrisville floor loom my grandmother passed along, the loom born the same year as I.  Until then, we weave together new plans to get us there.  And thanks to an insightful aunt, the children weave together their own creations on wee fabric yurt-sized Harrisville looms.  Weaving what we can, where we can…

2016_Jan05 088

2016_Feb01 025

 2016_Jan05 106

2016_Feb03 001

2016_Jan05 165

2016_Feb01 032

2016_Feb04 008

2016_Feb03 024

We find ourselves out and about so much in the mild weather, but somehow some winter tuck in appears to be happening along the way….

2016_Feb01 061

2016_Jan05 085

2016_Jan05 092

2016_Jan05 096

 2016_Jan05 114

2016_Jan05 121

2016_Feb01 050

2016_Jan05 116

2016_Feb01 054

2016_Feb04 002

2016_Feb03 022

2016_Feb03 014

2016_Feb03 044

 2016_Feb03 048

2016_Feb02 008

2016_Feb01 041

The past several weeks I’ve been off to Wednesday sewing night.  Usually this would not appeal to my hibernatory winter nature.  But this winter… a friend suggested it, a gathering space was offered, others heard of it and came to work on embroidered pillows, slippers, birthday crowns, shirts, dresses, mending…  Two of us dove into this pattern that has waited four years to be made.  This week it came together.  It fits.  And does it ever feel good to have a plan, follow the plan, and have it actually come together.  Finished.  Well, sort of.  Now that I see it I’d like to do a bit more work on the placket.  But done enough to climb into as a legitimate piece of clothing.

 photo 4

photo 2

photo 3

Again we made vision boards.  I pull out the magazines to start creating one and children quickly think that looks like fun and start in on their own.  They are simple.  They are fun.  And I do believe they work.  Last year much of what I’d hoped for and envisioned on that vision board did come about in interesting ways, even some extra high hopes.  Possibly because it sits right behind my desk, a steady reminder of how I want to show up in the world, what I hope for while walking the path through a year.

2016_Feb01 056

2016_Feb01 058

2016_Feb03 023

Hopes and plans…  Sometimes the seemingly best laid plans do not go as expected.  And yet sometimes plans that seem highly unlikely actually do happen.  One can, say, have a vision of chickens riding in a wagon, be told it is highly unlikely they would go for this, but with a well-laid plan involving a whole lot of sunflower seeds, sometimes that unlikely dream becomes woven into reality…

2016_Jan05 156

You just never really know…

2 thoughts on “Weaving it together

  1. So deeply lovely. It’s a dream of a life for those of us in cities, yearning, but accepting.

    In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love. Mother Teresa

  2. Wow – what an up and down winter this year. That chicken in the wagon scene though is a perfect reminder to keep trying though… I love it. As always, look forward to each blog post, the writing and the photos! The spoons are beautiful… and you’ve all been super creative this season. Seeing the gorgeous glow of the yurt, and the work progressing made both Rob and I smile !! Here’s hoping those spring plans work out. Much love, xooxoxox

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