Closing in

When the clock turns 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, etc., a boy wishes for a puppy, a girl wishes for a bunny, and maybe sometimes a momma secretly wishes for nigerian dwarf goats AND a cat.  It’s been tempting, especially with a 10-year-old birthday on the horizon of July.  Thankfully they also recently asked for their own sourdough starters. Given how difficult it has been to try to keep up with feeding three separate but simple wild yeast cultures (only one is still hanging on)…any more creatures that require attentive care will have to wait at least a few more months.

Most every cranny of time and brain space is stuffed with wooden yurt finishing and garden work.  We’re so close in some areas that I can almost see the preglow of living there.  The veil of plastic on the windows slowly lifts, the wood glows with the layers of construction grime sanded and finished out.

2015_Aug01 134

2016_June05 159

The third level is done.  All windows are in, including making and installing four especially tricky opening ones.  Wood is sanded and finish is applied (Vermont Natural again) to walls, benches, and floor.  It’s easy to sit up there and forget that the rest is not waiting.  And the light, oh, how the light shines in!

2016_June03 027

2016_June03 026

2016_June03 011


2016_June04 001

2016_June04 004

2016_June03 028

The second level has all non-opening windows in, finish applied to walls, and opening windows in progress.  And stairs leading to that second level finished (enough), although someday cherry risers will be added.







2016_July02 004

2016_June02 010

This weekend will be spent with a rented floor sander and more staining to finish that second level floor.

2016_July04 002

2016_July04 004

2016_July04 008

There will also be friends, a community fire, and Brooksville Open Mic, as we still work on that balance of making living space progress and being involved in the many ways we feel pulled to outside of that.  Bit by bit, it does get done…

More than half of the first level windows are mostly in.  Plastic went on those windows the day we finished that first level workshop in October 2014 – it is a glorious thing to let the light in, to SEE out (such an interesting perspective to be looking more down instead of out from these tapered walls, making me all the more antsy to work on the plantings that these windows will frame).

2016_June05 045

2016_June05 047

2016_June04 068

2016_June05 161

2016_June05 150

The stones were found for beneath and behind the cook stove.  By some small miracle it arrived here intact, no one was injured in the semi-ludicrous truck extraction process, and now it waits…

2016_June02 050

2016_June02 052

 2016_June03 004

A bathroom is timber framed in.  Children finding the giant puzzle of it quite interesting, the temptation to scale it irresistible.



2016_June04 005


2016_June04 012

2016_June04 015

2016_June04 021

2016_June04 032

2016_June04 044

Somewhere along the way a fort was finished, now standing guard against any pirates who may try to sail down the drive.

2016_June02 063

2016_June02 068

2016_June02 069

And somewhere along the way, nature provided the “pets” that fit in so nicely now.  With daily checking, it happened that the children watched as four young phoebes overflowed their nest and flew into the world.  One had a short hiatus in a thrilled boy’s hand after the confused fledgling bumped into the shed window along the way.

2016_June04 072

And somewhere along the way, a ladybug hatchery was discovered on a cherry sapling by the chicken coop.  A girl checks often, running a delivery service to her dill and fennel plants…

2016_June05 163

Which works just fine for me, having these helpers right in the garden.  The garden… slowly it has come along too.



2016_July01 001

2016_June04 057

2016_June05 022

2016_June05 038

2016_July03 014

2016_July03 062

2016_July03 061

2016_July03 058

2016_July03 059

And a first – a sauerkraut made from our own just-picked cabbage and garlic.  Progress…

2016_July03 046

2016_July03 057

2016_July03 056

Soon bringing beautiful lacto-fermented bacteria for bellies, “pets” that take such great care of US!

12 thoughts on “Closing in

  1. Your family journey is the ‘best’ thing i read … i love hearing your progress.. Thankyou . (from a small cold flat on a busy road in Sydney, Australia)

  2. Wow! That has come a long way. Is the possibility of moving in this year a little more feasible? Looks like it is! Enjoyed the readings love the garden your cabbage is much further along than ours. Hopefully, we can get grandma to take a trip. We have a hard time getting her to go to Calais. Let us know.

    • I know two sisters who would love to have a Gram trip happen in August when they’re up here. Our later season cabbages are still well off, but right now thankful we put in the early variety too.

  3. Whoop, Whoop, Whoop !!! The yurt, the garden ….. it’s all looking grand !! Yes! Much love from alison and rob ! xoxoox

  4. That is impressive!! Not just the house but the garden as well. It gives me new incentive to get with it on my own projects. I’ve been feeling somewhat overwhelmed but seeing what you folks are doing makes me realize I just need to adjust my attitude and get going again. Thanks for taking the time to share your accomplishments. ( I’m not sure how you found the time to share though.)

    • I’m so glad to hear it. The overwhelm creeps in more than I care to admit, and we can end up spinning in circles, mentally and physically bumping into the so many things awaiting attention. Carving out a bit of time to write/look at what HAS been done helps us take a breath and realize that as slow as it can seem sometimes, progress is happening! Bit by bit. 🙂

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  6. I was reading a Taproot magazine and this is how I found your blog spot and trully your stories that your sharing of your journey through gatherings,family,creating from the heart and such a wonderful garden, is just beautiful and wonderous.I decided the only way to read your blogspot is start at the beginning and enjoy with a cup of coffee, just one sip and one page at a time.When raising my children I too loved family and togetherness.In our society today, so many new mom’s struggle with more and more to our current world.Life has challenges but there should be adventure and trully enjoying life. Your inspiring. Great family.

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